A producer and director in a wide range of factual programming.
I have produced and directed many high profile, one hour documentaries for the major broadcasters. I work in specialist factual, observational documentary and drama documentary.

My credits include:

The Windsors: A flagship history series on the history of the Royal Family for CNN
Eva Braun a two hour drama documentary special on the life of Hitler's mistress.
The Secrets of Tutankhamun for National Geographic.
A series of "Inside" episodes for Channel Five
A History of Britains Abandoned Buildings with Michael Portillo.
Tiger Traffic, an investigation into tiger poaching for This World, BBC (Executive Producer)
My Death Row Lover, observational documentary, ITV. (Executive Producer)
The Twin Inside Me, a scientific exploration of double DNA, Channel 5. (Executive Producer)
Too Scared for School: A documentary on bullying for ITV
A Biography of Catherine Cookson for Chanel 4.
Polio: The race to find a vaccine, a historical investigation for Channel 4.
A biography of Princess Margaret for Channel 4.
Au Pairs in the USA, a Cutting Edge for Channel 4.
Secret Fathers, a historical investigation into the pioneers of human artificial insemination, Channel 4.
Babies at 50, an observational documentary on late motherhood, ITV
Smugglers a docudrama for Channel 4.

Please visit my vimeo site for some excerpts from my films.